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Additional Support Needs

We want to ensure effective learning for all of our pupils, and, as such, there may be times when it is necessary to provide support for pupils who have short or long term additional support needs.

In Craigholme School, there is excellent Additional Support Needs (ASN) support available from Nursery through to S6. Identifying a pupil’s educational needs as early as possible is crucial for their learning development, which is why we have a dedicated ASN Early Years teacher working in our Nursery and Lower Junior School.

Our ASN support continues throughout our girls’ education, and, in the Senior School, pupils are provided with a close network of support, with staff on hand throughout the school day.

Meet the Staff

Mrs M McColl, Additional Support Needs Teacher

Mrs McColl is a qualified primary teacher and has worked in several schools, teaching at all stages. She holds a post graduate diploma in Special Educational Needs and has worked as an Additional Support Needs teacher for over a decade now. Mrs McColl’s main focus is on early intervention, meeting the needs of pupils from Nursery to Junior 4, and she has been instrumental in setting up the Peer Tutoring Programme between Junior 1 and Junior 3 pupils. She also started the Magic Nursery Programme, pairing Junior 2 pupils with Pre-School pupils.

From the Junior 4 level onwards, Mrs McColl’s support then becomes more individualised and continues where necessary for pupils up to Junior 7. In the Senior School, she is responsible for assessing pupils who may require Alternative Arrangements and providing support strategies to equip pupils to overcome any barriers to learning and fulfil their full potential.