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We equip pupils with the knowledge and skills that allow them to develop an awareness of the implications and importance of history and heritage for the individual, the community and wider society. We encourage pupils to understand and use a wide variety of historical skills, to develop informed opinions and to then support them with reasoned arguments based on appropriate knowledge.

What we study in History

In History, we aim to develop a wide overview of the past and to illustrate its relevance to today’s world.

In S1, pupils' horizons are broadened through the development of a range of crucial historical life skills with a focus on heritage sites around the world. In S2, pupils study the significance of the world changing forces of 'Renaissance and Revolution'. Throughout S1 and S2, there are various opportunities for pupils to participate in active learning challenges and to develop their ICT and presentation skills.

National 5 History is taught from S3 and is externally assessed at the end of S4. A researched assignment is also carried out during this course. National 5 pupils are expected to pass unit assessments on a regular basis. Homework is an integral element of National 5 History and is given out on a regular basis to consolidate learning. Valuable skills for learning, life and work are developed alongside historical knowledge and this popular course is excellent preparation for the S5 Higher.

In Higher History, pupils develop a variety of key skills for learning, life and work while studying elements of Scottish, British and European history. Again, this is a very popular course in the school and we have had an impressive 100% pass rate in recent years.

In S6, pupils can study Advanced Higher History which focuses on Britain at Peace and War (1939–1951). This is an excellent preparatory course for university, developing a wide range of transferrable learning and life skills through features such as the dissertation. There has been a successful 100% pass rate in this course in recent years.

Beyond the classroom

At Craigholme we encourage girls to learn both in and out of the classroom environment. Here are a few examples of what pupils in the History Department have been involved with in recent years:

  • S2 Social Studies trips to the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh Castle and Dynamic Earth.
  • S4 Social Studies activity days in Glasgow — City Chambers, Kelvingrove, Tenement House, and the People’s Palace — including a role play Suffragette Workshop.
  • Participation in a Youth Theatre production on the role of the STUC and Equal Pay for Women.
  • S6 Participation in a model UN conference.
  • S1/S2 Participation in the History of Parliament competition.
  • S4/S5 residential trip to the First World War Battlefields.

What our pupils say about History

"History is a very useful and interesting subject. It is good to have knowledge of people and events from the past as it can help you solve day to day problems." Nicole (S2)

"By choosing Advanced Higher History I am learning vital skills for my future education. The analytical essays prepare me well for my degree studies at university. I also find History to be a subject of endless fascination which improves my general knowledge." Clare (S6)

"In History there is always something new and interesting to learn…and I believe that it has been crucial in preparing me for the challenges of university and beyond." Rachael (S6)

Meet the staff

Mrs Reid (Head of History)
Mrs Reid graduated from Glasgow University in 2001 before completing her PGCE at Aberystwyth University. Mrs Reid spent four years living and working as a teacher in Germany in a school for children of army personnel. Before joining Craigholme as Head of History, Mrs Reid spent seven years working in a Scottish state school. Mrs Reid is a marker for the SQA at Higher level and is a member of a number of working groups.

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