Fees & Bursaries

For parents considering investing in an independent education, it is a major financial decision.

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However, this is counter balanced by the knowledge that their child is being given the best possible start in life. Our fees are competitively priced and provide excellent value for money especially in terms of our small teacher pupil ratio.

2019/20 Fees

Form Total / Term
Junior 1 £2,800
Junior 2 £3,000
Junior 3 £3,200
Junior 4  £3,400
Junior 5 £3,650
Junior 6 £3,950


There are 3 terms in each academic year.

  • It is intended that fees will cover all the educational expenditure, excluding books.  Individual charges will be levied separately for class outings, school trips etc.
  • The third, and subsequent, child in a family qualifies for a 50% reduction in fees.


All those seeking admission to Craigholme School can apply for a means tested bursary, however please note there is a finite amount of funding available each year and not all applicants will be successful. 

Pupils applying for bursary funding will undergo the normal admissions procedure and, in addition, parents/guardians will be required to complete a Bursary Application Form providing details of their financial position.

The Bursary Application form is issued on request from the School and should be returned by the published closing date. (We can receive the completed application form for entry to the school in advance of receiving the Bursary Application Form).

Applications for bursaries, from pupils who have successfully passed the normal selection procedures, are considered by the Awards Committee in February each year and parents informed in writing of the bursary awarded.

All bursaries are reviewed annually by the Awards Committee and assume the continuing hard work and commitment of the recipient along with maintenance of the parental contribution. For more details please e-mail edickson@craigholme.co.uk.



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