Our Maths department is a stimulating learning environment where pupils can develop their thinking skills along with the mathematical ability required by employers.

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We promote active learning, so – wherever possible – we teach maths using real life examples. This allows the girls to see the relevance of maths in everyday life.  

What we study in Maths

In S1 and S2 pupils will study numbers, algebra, geometry and information handling. Mental agility and non-calculator skills are also developed at this stage.

The second year syllabus builds on many of the topics covered in S1, with algebra becoming a more prominent feature of the course. Pupils are encouraged to develop both their problem solving skills and mathematical rigor. Throughout the S2 course, mental agility is also covered, along with appropriate use of the calculator.

S3 and S4 study the National 5 Mathematics course, which comprises of 3 Units: Expressions and Formulae, Relationships and Applications. In-order to achieve a National 5 award candidates must pass each unit as well as the final external SQA assessment.

Throughout the National 5 course there is an emphasis on skills development and the practical application of those skills.

For S5, the Higher Mathematics course again comprises of 3 Units. In-order to achieve a Higher Maths award candidates must pass each unit as well as the final external SQA examination. Particular emphasis is given to furthering the student's knowledge and ability in algebra, coordinate geometry and trigonometry. Calculus, logarithmic and exponential functions and vectors in three dimensions are also introduced. 

The Advanced Higher Mathematics course is often popular with pupils who are interested in studying Mathematics or a related subject at University level. The course is demanding, and covers topics including further Differential and Integral Calculus, Complex Numbers, Mathematical Proof, 3 Dimensional Vectors, Matrices and Sequences and Series.

Beyond the School

At Craigholme, we encourage girls to enrich their mathematical enjoyment by taking part in various national competitions. We regularly take part in:
•    Scottish Mathematics Challenge
•    Primary Maths Challenge
•    Maths Master Class at Glasgow University
•    UKMT Junior, Intermediate and Senior Challenge
•    Enterprising Mathematics Challenge

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