Our Maths department is a stimulating learning environment where pupils can develop their thinking skills along with the mathematical ability required by employers.

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"It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer."

Albert Einstein


The Mathematics Department at Craigholme School aims to allow all girls to have the opportunity to achieve their full mathematical potential through a variety of teaching and learning methods. We have a well-resourced department, and a wide variety of materials and approaches that are used to deliver the curriculum.

Studying maths is an essential and integral part of every young person’s education, and as such is viewed as an extremely desirable qualification by both further education establishments and employers.


We, as a department, work together to promote active learning. We develop pupils thinking skills using real life examples. This allows them to see the relevance of maths in everyday life.

J7 pupils have “Senior” Maths classes twice a week. We start the Level 3 course in J7 which is continued through S1 and finished at the start of S2. Pupils will study Number, Algebra and Geometry. Mental agility and non-calculator skills are developed throughout.

The topics covered in J7 include: Number, Algebra, Geometry and Information Handling.

The Senior 1 Mathematics syllabus builds on many of the topics covered in J7, with algebra becoming a more prominent feature of the course. Pupils are encouraged to develop both their problem solving skills and mathematical rigor. Throughout the S1 course alongside an emphasis on mental agility appropriate use of the calculator is also encouraged.

The topics covered in S1 include different aspects of: Number, Algebra, Geometry and Information Handling.

Both Knowledge and Understanding and Reasoning and Enquiry skills are tested in all assessments.

The National 4 Mathematics course comprises of 3 Units. In-order to achieve a National 4 Award, candidates must pass each unit: Unit 1 Numeracy, Unit 2 Expressions and Formulae & Unit 3 Relationships.

The National 5 Mathematics course comprises of 3 Units: Unit 1 Expressions and Formulae, Unit 2 Relationships & Unit 3 Applications.

Throughout the National Courses, there is an emphasis on skills development and the application of those skills.

The Higher Mathematics course expands and develops the knowledge and skills gained in the National 5 Course. Once again the Higher Mathematics Course comprises 3 Units: Unit 1 Expressions and Functions, Unit 2 Relationships and Calculus & Unit 3 Applications.


The Advanced Higher Mathematics course is often popular with pupils who are interested in studying Mathematics or related subject at University level. The course is demanding, requiring a high degree of mathematical rigor. Once again the course builds on many topics covered at higher.

The Advanced Higher Mathematics Course comprises 3 Units: Unit 1 Methods in Algebra and Calculus, Unit 2 Applications of Algebra and Calculus & Unit 3 Geometry, Proofs and Systems of Equations.


Homework is a very important and integral part of all Maths Courses from J7-S6. Pupils are given regular homework tasks by their class teacher which helps to both re-inforce class work and to provide a means of challenging and stimulating pupil’s interest.

At Craigholme, we encourage girls to enrich their mathematical enjoyment by taking part in various regional and national competitions. We regularly take part in the following events: Departmental Problem of the Week, Weekly Puzzle Club, Primary Maths Challenge, Maths Master Classes at Glasgow University, UKMT Junior, Intermediate and Senior Challenge, Enterprising Mathematics Challenge, ICAEW BASE Challenge & University of Southampton Cipher Challenge.

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