At Craigholme we encourage and support every girl who has an interest, love or ambitions in music to follow her passion.

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We have many choirs or ensembles showcasing the talents of every pupil.  We believe auditions create barriers and so every pupil, regardless of stage or standard is eligible to join any of our ensembles.  It is the job of the Director of that choir or group to develop the skills necessary for performing at the level we expect.

Nor do we limit ourselves to school performances. Rather, we give the girls the confidence to see the world as their stage. Most of our performances take place outside of school - within our community, the city or even internationally.

What we study in Music

From Nursery to S6, we believe that music is for all. Everyone can enjoy and take part in our groups, ensembles and classroom projects. Moreover, our pupils experience the very latest in music technology, with live performances either in class or via video link and You Tube. We listen to and experience music from a wide variety of cultures and, of course, performing is a huge part of our day to day musical activities.

For those studying SQA exams in S4, S5 and S6, our Composer in Residence works on advanced composing techniques, with the final compositions played by visiting professionals.

Each year, we hold a Music Department Open Week, when parents, family and friends are welcome to join us in a classroom or instrumental lesson.

Beyond the classroom

Trips and outings play a large role in the musical development of our girls. Theatre trips, concerts and outside engagements are commonplace and we work closely with outside agencies and a number of charities.

Our international education programme has given us the opportunity to work with The Australian Girls’ Choir, The African Children’s Choir, St. Andrew’s School in Buenos Aires, and the Blankenburg Choir from Germany. We have also appeared live on New Zealand TV and travelled to China and the USA to perform.

Our girls are given numerous opportunities to shine and display their talents at the many performances we offer in and out of school. Our high flying performers get the opportunity to compete in our annual Musician of the Year competition, where a professional engagement forms part of the prize.

As a centre for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Exams and Trinity/Guildhall Exams, we continually encourage our girls to pursue excellence and achieve all they can. This is done in a caring and supportive environment where the talents of every child are realised, encouraged, developed and celebrated.

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