International Education

Craigholme's International Journey

In 2014, we applied for funding to participate in an Erasmus Plus project through the British Council.

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We were successful in securing a grant and Mrs Neill attended an immersion course in Lyon run by LFEE. This enabled her to teach French to all nursery and primary stages with confidence.

On returning to Glasgow, she worked towards and received Professional Recognition for the work covered. This work included daily French in each Junior School class. Mrs Neill and Mrs Gilliland travelled to London for the Commonwealth Service in Westminster Abbey with the Queen and other members of the royal family, celebrities and Officials from around the world.

We then applied for a second round of funding in order to extend our work around Global and International Education. This application was approved and Mme Kennedy travelled to France last year to complete training. It was around this time that we began eTwinning.

At first we joined a short project involving 20 countries which was very successful. Following this, we began to write our own projects and find partners from around Europe and many of our projects have won Quality Labels from the British Council. Our pupils have communicated in English, French and Spanish to date.

Mrs Neill has attended the eTwinning conference in Athens on Digital Citizenship, the UK National eTwinning Conference in Nottingham, then in Coventry and several times in London. We have been invited to Rome and Dublin, but have had to decline these conferences due to school commitments. Mme Young has travelled to Edinburgh, Copenhagen and London.  Both Mrs Neill and Mrs Young are UK Ambassadors for eTwinning and last year we were awarded the eTwinning School Title.

In addition to our daily French in each class this year, we ran some international events. In our Language Impact event in term 1, pupils listened to a range of professionals telling of the positive impact of languages on their working lives.  

In term 2, all classes studied a different country and we finished our projects with a wonderful International Showcase event. We had visitors from Germany, Sweden and France in our classes and took part in a series of International Assemblies. Parents, families, friends and pupils from Kelvinside Academy arrived to join the fun.

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In term 3, we enjoyed our annual Reading Café which had an International slant. All classes participated in Reading Activities which were related to some form of International Education and we had super volunteers to read to us in French and Spanish to improve our language learning. Thank you to friends and family members who came to support us!

All of our events and activities are reported on Twitter- why not follow our journey?

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