Indoor Learning

We have a variety of indoor facilities at Craigholme Nursery School, find out about them below.

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Nursery Rooms

Our nursery is split into two dedicated floors. Upstairs is where our ante pre-school children (age 3) are cared for. Downstairs houses our pre-school children (age 4-5) and our extensive outdoor play area.

Each floor has dedicated areas/rooms to encourage play, learning, listening, music and P.E.

Pre-School Playroom - downstairs

The pre-school playroom is large and bright with views out to the garden, the guinea pigs in the outdoor pets corner and the front of the building, where the children can watch what is going on outside. The playroom has capacity for 32 children with 4 members of staff. The room is split into a number of different curricular areas:

  • Communication and language area, where fine motor skills and phonics are developed
  • Expressive and aesthetic area, where children can be creative with a large range of different media, such as painting, modelling, sand and water and learn to develop their problem solving skills in fun, messy and exciting ways
  • There are construction areas, imaginative areas, a baking area, a computer area, games area and drawing and writing area

The children help shape the planning of the activities through discussion and voting systems and the staff ensure that in every single activity there is a curricular element being taught or developed.
Library and Music Room - downstairs

The children are free to access this smaller downstairs playroom where there is an extensive library of fiction and non-fiction books for the children to choose from and a listening area where children can access stories to listen to on headphones.

This room has a much quieter feel to it. Children can come into it whenever they choose, leaving the larger and sometimes noisier playroom, for a period of time.

There is also a computer and whiteboard in this room and the children can use this to play games and develop their computer skills.

Ante Pre-school Classroom – upstairs

This is a large, bright and well-resourced playroom catering for the 3 year old children. We can accommodate up to 24 children with 3 staff members.  The play areas are similar to those in the  pre-school playroom and have resources appropriate to the age and stage of the children. All the activities are planned along with the children’s likes and wishes, however every activity and resource has a curricular element built into it e.g. we teach numerical concepts through songs and baking activities. These activities are loved by the children and whilst they are immersed in the activity they are learning. 

Physical Room/ Gym - upstairs

The upstairs Gym is used by both pre-school and ante-preschool children at different times. This large and bright room is well resourced with specialist physical equipment designed to promote gross motor skills. Both Senior School P.E. teachers and the nursery staff teach children a variety of skills, e.g. gymnastic, ball, balancing, movement and handeye co-ordination skills.

This ensures that even on cold and wet days the children get plenty of exercise. The room is also used by visiting dance and drama teachers and there is also a large climbing frame.

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