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Hidden in the attic

Cerys with the 1966 magazine

When Mr James, father of Cerys in Junior 3 and Morgan in Pre-School, was clearing out his attic he came across something quite unexpected…a Craigholme School Magazine from 1966!

The Craigholme School Magazine has been produced every year now since 1945 — although it has changed somewhat over the years!  This 1966 edition contains news on the sporting results for the year, poetry and creative writing from all through the school and lots of Former Pupil updates.

It was fascinating to read how the Headmistress at the time, Miss MacLean, wrote about the increasing numbers of girls studying science — a trend that has continued throughout Craigholme’s history.

The James family have no idea who the magazine originally belonged to, but they are happy to possess a genuine piece of Craigholme’s history.