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 Principal's Welcome


Welcome to Craigholme School — the only independent school in the west of Scotland that caters exclusively for five to eighteen year-old girls, as well as a co-educational nursery for girls and boys aged three to five years old. 


Here at Craigholme School we aim to deliver a special kind of education for girls, which allows them to be themselves and explore what is best for them, whilst leading to greater academic achievement and personal fulfillment. 

I am proud of the warm, compassionate and caring environment of Craigholme School and the positive ethos and personal approach within the school, where individual needs are catered for, achievement is celebrated and learning is valued and enjoyed. 

My role at Craigholme School is to give every girl the opportunity to realise her potential and to be her best.  Our girls know that if they work hard and use their talents then they can achieve.  I firmly believe that the only barriers to achievement are the ones we create ourselves and Craigholme aims to build the confidence and resilience within our girls to overcome all barriers before them and to succeed in all aspects of their lives in order to achieve their goals and to make a meaningful contribution to society.

At Craigholme we place an emphasis on respect for each other and working together to achieve our goals.  We have an ethos of achievement and a desire to fully realise our potential.  My challenge to every girl is for her to realise her potential and everyone in the Craigholme community is intent on helping every girl to be her best.

Welcome to our School!

Mr Brendan P Farrelly

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 Ailsa Henderson - Head Girl

I look forward to my time serving as Head Girl of Craigholme. From my first day at the Nursery here, Craigholme has felt more like an extended family than a school.


 With S6 and the Senior Leadership Team, the Head Girl Team’s vision is to build on that unique atmosphere.  In our one year plan, we hope to encourage greater integration between the year groups throughout the school. This will be achieved through S6 tutoring of younger pupils and by acting as assistants in the Junior School.


For the first time in the School’s history, Prefects will be appointed and allocated to each Senior School year group to strengthen the student body mentoring system.  Obviously, we shall continue to organise the usual pupil events and charities days whilst adding a few unique ‘twists’ of our own.

 It promises to be a lot of work but I know that this year’s S6 are fired up for the challenge.